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Al Shirawi Healthcare Solutions Inaugurates its New Facility in Dubai

Al Shirawi Healthcare Solutions — a reputed name in the healthcare industry and part of the Al Shirawi Group of Companies, is pleased to announce the opening of a new temperature-controlled facility in Dubai. The new facility will further enhance the product storage, delivery experience and strengthen the company’s market standing by minimising sourcing time and enabling faster deliveries of products across the region. The company aims to transform the landscape of healthcare by offering technologically advanced solutions in medical equipment, devices and pharmaceuticals that benefit people at large.

As one of the most advanced facilities in Dubai, the establishment will provide greater stock-holding flexibility and facilitate cutting-edge products from the company’s numerous global partners in the disinfectionsanitisation and pharmaceutical arenas such as adhesive-based medical devices from Chemence Medical (USA); UV disinfection solutions from Sanuvox (Canada); air purifying systems by Eolisair (France); orthopaedic implants from Groupe Lépine (France); blood transfusion systems from MITRA Industries (India); medical diagnostic consumables such as blood collection tubes, vials, and microtubes from CML Biotech (P) Ltd (India); COVID RT-PCR Test and COVID Antibody Test from IDEXX OPTI Medical (USA) and disposable surgical packs & gowns from Amaryllis Healthcare (India).

About Al Shirawi Healthcare Solutions L.L.C

A part of the Al Shirawi Group of Companies that was founded in 1971, Al Shirawi Healthcare Solutions was established to serve the community with advanced solutions in medical equipment, medical devices and pharmaceuticals that will benefit people at large. The goal is to optimize technology and develop a highly efficient, collaborative, scalable, and agile digital healthcare system.

About Chemence Medical Inc.

Chemence Medical, Inc., is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, USA has been an innovative pioneer in cyanoacrylate technology for medical use. Chemence Medical Inc. is a leading manufacturer & distributor of advanced cyanoacrylate products designed to provide an unbeatable level of quality. Chemence Medical Inc. emphasizes research and development to promote new & improved high-performance products with beneficial technology characteristics.

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